2013 – 2014 Curriculum

If you follow all the wonderful Homeschool Blogs, you will know that this week is Curriculum week.  All the bloggers are posting what curriculum they are using for this school year.  The joy of homeschooling is that it can change each year and even in the middle of the year.  If something is not working, we stop, re-evaluate, and start again.  I Over the past six months, I have purchased a lot of curriculum and supplies.  However, I purchased them on sale, used, or a great prices!  Some things will be used this year and next year.  I cannot see Lenna-Grace getting through it all now. We are primarily doing Kindergarten work.  Therefore, I’m expecting us to take a year and half.  She may do well and we finish it in one school year.  Again…the joy of homeschool, if she is ready, we will do 1st grade next year!  If not, we will continue with the Kindergarten curriculum.

2013 – 2014 Curriculum
Lenna-Grace (4K/5K)
Phonics/Reading – All About Reading Level 1
Mathematics – Singapore 1A US Edition
Handwriting – A Reason for Handwriting K
Bible – Grapevine Traceable (Old Testament) and ABC Bible Verses book
Catechism Memory – Truth and Grace book
Memory Work – Classical Conversations (will post later about this)
Art – Draw Write Now
History, Science, and Geography – Sonlight P4/5 Readers (We purchased Sonlight Readers before deciding to do CC and when I thought I would be expecting another baby because of the amazing amount of literature and the ease of the Instructor’s Guide.  Instead of returning it, which I could, I opted to keep it for the reach literature and to supplement with it)

Zachary (Preschool)
Letter of the Week – Pre-Reading
Handwriting (he is my leftie) – Handwriting Without Tears My First School book

Zachary will do Bible and Art with Lenna-Grace as well.  He will also get to enjoy the Sonlight books.

I have planned our first six weeks fully.  I have also planned the Letter of the Week, Handwriting, Catechism, and Bible time for the year.  Why?  I tried to correlate them all.  I putting the Grapevine Studies with the Timeline we will be doing with CC.  Our memory verse will come from the ABC Bible Verses book and correlate with our Handwriting letter of the week and Zachary’s Letter of the Week Pre-Reading program.  Basically–we will be doing a Letter each week and the kids will be doing handwriting for that letter, a memory verse to go with it, and phonics (Zachary) for it.)

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