Blogging Again….

You read it right….I’m going to try to blog AGAIN!  I really enjoy blogging/writing when I get the chance; however, as a family of six, it can be difficult to find time to sit and write.   So what made me start again?  A few things.

  1. I withdrew from my PhD program.  I am at the dissertation stage and felt it was just overwhelming to focus on it and take care of my family and home with my kids being so young.  This allows me to have more time to myself when the kids are not awake.
  2. I recently read a blog post by a friend from high school who attended a conference.  She encouraged me to do things that fire me up!  In other words, I needed to make time to do things I enjoy and excite me.  As I do this, I would like to share more with my friends and family!
  3. I no longer have an infant….therefore, I am able to find time here and there to write.
  4. If I write it, I do better with following through!
  5. I began a new journey with Shaklee, an all-natural company, and would love to share more with family and friends.
  6. A few of the blogs I follow (and some photography friends I have discovered) do Project 52.  They pick their own theme for the year and every Friday post a picture to go along with the theme.  It’s almost April, so I cannot quite start at the beginning, but this is something I would enjoy so I may join in!

It’s been since May of last year (almost 11 months) since I lasted posted and I decided to use web hosting instead of I look foward to blogging and sharing more with my friends and family!

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