Water Birth and VBAC #3

At 35 weeks pregnant, John and I moved back home to South Carolina.  While this was hard to do pregnant (again) and tough to leave our church family, homeschool family, and friends, I was excited.  Why?  Because in the state of South Carolina, a midwife can care for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) patient nd I could have a water birth!  In Florida, it is ILLEGAL for a midwife to do such!  VBACs are like taboo to many offices and hospitals.  Here’s my timeline and how wonderful Payson’s birth was!

My kids were staying with my sister so I took full advantage of a nap!  And this is when it began.

2:30 – woke up with severe heartburn and cramping.  Took 2 chewable calcium/magnesium supplements.  They worked like a charm and I was able to get some cleaning done and did not give it anymore thought.

4:00 – Having consistent contractions but they were not hurting and I was busy around the house so I just assumed they were the joys of Braxton Hicks.  I took two more chewable calcium/magnesium (I’ll share later why these are helpful in another post but they help your muscles relax).  Then met my sister to get my other three little ones after our oldest got home from school.

4:30 – Sent the hubby an email at work.  “Not sure how long you will be but I’ve been having more contractions quite a bit but they are not hurting at all.  So may be nothing.”

5:30 – Hubby gets home and I’m finishing up vegetable soup and cornbread.  While eating, my contractions are definitely 2-3 minutes apart, but I’m still not hurting.  They are uncomfortable.  Let me remind you this is my fourth baby so I know what contractions and labor are!

6:30 – I wanted to take a hot bath but did not want to stall labor if it was coming.  I did not think I was in active labor yet so I wanted the contractions to get stronger so I took a shower.  My sister and her family headed to my house.  Called the midwife and told her my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart for almost 2 hours but they were not strong and I had TWO while on the phone with her without any interruptions.  She said it was my call.

7:30 – Contractions were nonstop.  They were 90 seconds long and coming back to back basically.  I was in labor!   They were finally stopping me from walking and I had to stop and sway.  I popped two more calcium/magnesium and we headed to the car and called the midwife.  Sitting was hurting!  On the way to the hospital, I’m texting my mom and few close friends!  Yeah….I did not realize I was in active labor about to deliver this baby any minute!

8:20 – Check into labor and delivery to get checked.  My midwife said I was only 5-6 cms.  I thought I would cry.  I did not want to get there that early.  I was almost 8 cm when I checked in with my third and was 10 cm. within 2 hours of checking in.  I wanted to time it well.  But oh well I thought….just longer in the birthing pool.  Got me to my room, checked vitals, etc.  I was asking for my birthing pool and wanted out of the bed.  Your body handles labor so much better walking, swaying, moving….contractions are killer on your back!

About 9 – I was in my birthing pool.  It felt great!  The hot water really helps you relax and your body is able to handle the contractions better.  At one point I was sitting on my bottom, another time I was leaning over the pool on my knees, and later I was just floating it felt like with my feet pushing on one side and back on the other!


It’s a little blurry.  But I’m laughing between contractions! 

10845996_10205247076433312_9029301716825240338_nI’m concentrating more.  But it was so nice to move into any position during my 15-20 minutes in the pool!

9:10 (ish) – I feel a pop (now I know that was my water breaking).  I’m in pain.  I’m starting to ask for the doctor so I can get an epidural.  I’m crying “I cannot do this”  In fact, I’m apologizing (WHY?) to my husband for not being able to do it.  Looking back immediately after her birth, I was in the transition phase.  But I never thought I would have been there that soon.

9:15 (ish) – Midwife comes in and apologizing for not being there sooner.  She was getting all the paperwork together and was finishing my registration.  She asked to check me and all I remember was her saying, “Honey, you are having a baby now.  Let’s go”  I don’t know if she even told me to push.  My body just did it.

9:17 – I was holding my sweet baby girl!

10806300_10205247084193506_5778003991271207137_nYou see how clean that baby is coming straight out of the water!  That was great!

9:30 (ish) – Laying on the bed holding my baby and signing my check-in papers (I never got to that before I delivered).   My midwife apologized over and over.  She did not expect me to go that quickly.  Midwives stay with you during a good majority of your labor and delivery to help you more.  They don’t typically get there just to catch the baby:)


Our 2-year old holding his baby sister.  Let me share that she has yet to be bathed!  That’s also how alert a baby comes into this world with a natural birth!

It was such a true blessing to deliver Payson using a birthing pool.  It was amazing.  It was totally different than any other delivery.  I have delivered four babies.  First was induced, labored, pushed, and then c-section.  Second was VBAC with a midwife and epidural.  Third was a vacuum assisted birth.  And now a waterbirth.  If God blesses us with more, this will definitely be my choice of birthing if possible again!  Recovery was amazing!  I was walking out of the pool on my own within 15-20 minutes of delivering and discharged 24 hours later!  While there is absolutely no shame in having a needed c-section or using medication for pain, recovering from a natural birth is far easier.  But having a natural birth does not make me a supermom or a better mom than others.  And I will highly recommend Greenville Midwifery and Greenville Hospital any day to a VBAC mom!

Calcium/Magnesium for Labor
A mom’s experience with calcium that is absorbed well to aid in easier labor.  This combo together helps calcium be absorbed better.
Another woman’s thoughts (who studied midwifery) on calcium and magnesium with some great sources!

Schedule…It’s Never Too Late!

We have four children, you would think we have a good schedule in place or something to help manage our home well!  However, it’s been crazy the last few years.  Let’s do a quick recap:

April 2009 – Lenna-Grace was born
January 2010 – Move to NC
September 2010 – Zachary was born
September 2011 – Move to SC (not far from our home in NC, but it was a move)
March 2012 – Move to Florida
March 2012 – Dalton was born
September 2012 – Move houses in Florida

SO….it’s been crazy with changes and having babies!  Plus, John was on second shift until this past November.

As you know, I have been changing our family’s health little by little…beginning with cleaning products, trying to make more homemade foods, and then with adding good, healthy supplements to everyone’s diets.  Now….it was time to bring more structure to our home!

It’s funny because everyone would say “You must be so organized and structured with three little ones…”  Far from it!  This past week I made it a priority (and I am still working on it) to bring structure to our home.

Jamie has always had structure–he does not function well without it.  His routine does not change or you really throw him off balance.  We try to give him 3-4 weeks of doing something new in a routine to get it set in.  He is doing amazing this year with school and church.  We are very excited that he has grown so much since moving here!

Now…the three little ones.  This is where structure and a good schedule has been needed for some time.  I have either been alone in the evenings before or nursing or just exhausted that I did not want to fight any battles–kids slept where they wanted and fell asleep in anyway!  TV on, in my bed, on the couch, you name it!  So….here’s what I started doing last week and I am making it my personal commitment to stick to it!

1)  I moved the crib into Lenna-Grace and Zachary’s bedroom.  Now there’s a bunkbed (Lenna-Grace on top, Zachary on the bottom) and crib in there  All three in the same room….I am hoping this makes life easier!

2)  Bedtime routine.  I’ve tried several, but I never stick with them.  Now….no matter what…7:30, all the little ones and I head to their bedroom with milk, a small snack, and books…then close the door

3)  Read books–We read about 5-10 books–Yes that many!  I want them settled and calm.  This is a great way for us to read together and let them settle down on the floor while I read or they help me read.

4)  Lights Out….After reading and our snack (about 20-30 minutes), I turn out the lights.  Lenna-Grace and Zachary get in their beds.  I hold Dalton while I sing a few songs.  We sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”  (And they make me say EVERYONE…”Grammie and Papa in his hands..TT and DoDo in his hands…Blade and Ty….Wind and Rain….etc.).

5)  Lay Dalton down in the crib.

6) Snuggle with Zachary and say prayers with him.

7)  Snuggle with Lenna and say prayers with her.

8) Mommy leaves…

So far….So good!  Dalton is sleeping great.  Lenna-Grace is doing pretty good (waking up maybe 1-2 times).  Zachary gets up middle of the nihgt and comes to my bed.  Right now, I let him.  I’m not fighting too many battles at once.  After a couple of weeks of this routine, I will walk him back to his room.

Morning routine–I am also trying to start structuring our morning better.  However, Lenna-Grace is very hard to get up!  Right now, I try to have everyone up by 8  This is easy for the boys, but not Lenna-Grace.  I want to get her in the habit of getting up, having some relaxing time, and then eating breakfast.  This way, when we start officially homeschooling in the Fall, she will start “school” by 9.  I want that to be structured/scheduled time.

I’ll keep everyone updated.  But so far, I’m very happy with this routine.  It was tough a few nights ago–everyone kept waking up at different times and waking the other up!  However, so far 4 out of the 5 nights have been great.  That does not mean all three have slept through the night.  It means it is going well and I can hope it will continue to go well!

What type of structure do you have in your family?

My baby is FOUR!!

Happy Birthday, Lenna-Grace Caroline Robinson!!

Today, our sweet baby girl celebrates her 4th birthday.   She has grown so much into such a beautiful little girl.  She is very caring and takes great care of others.  She received her birthday card in the mail from Nanny (her great grandmother) and it had $5 in it.  I asked what she wanted to buy and her reply, “I want to find Bubba a music box with a car on it.”  How sweet and thoughtful!  Being the only girl in the family, she holds a very special place with everyone!

She is a bright girl who loves to play outside, dance, sing, learn, and teach her little brothers anything!  She enjoys our “school time” and loves going to church.  She has learned a lot over the past year, but what brings the most joy is hearing her “childlike faith!”  Zachary was upset yesterday because he could not find a toy.  Lenna-Grace replies, “Don’t worry Bubba, just ask God for help.  He can help with anything.”  Or when I was sick and she laid beside me, rubbing my head and said “Mommy, I will pray God makes you better!”

Look at how she’s grown! lennahospitalApril 8, 2009 (8 lbs, 9 oz)

lenna`Happy 1st Birthday!


Being Silly!  18-months old


Learning to potty with Minnie Mouse (20-months old)

lenna2Happy 2nd Birthday!


Happy 3rd Birthday!

   lenna4Happy 4th Birthday!  Look at how much she’s changed!!

And to make her day even more special, she shares this day with her favorite Uncle Dodo!!

dodolennaHappy 35th Birthday DODO!! (that’s pronounced Dough-dough)


FaceTime and Skype

Technology is amazing, isn’t it?  When John and I moved to North Carolina away from my parents and sister’s family (in West Virgina at the time), Lenna-Grace was only 9-months old.  My parents and I started using Skype so Lenna-Grace could still see them.  It was great!

Here is one of our first conversations with Grammie and Papa on the computer via Skype.

It was great to watch her recognize them!  While the family moved closer later on, John and I moved to Florida later.  This past year we have been away from both our families.  However, we have had the great joy of continuing to video chat.  It has been great.

When we moved, Lenna-Grace knew everyone well and understood she could not see them whenever and “missed” them.  She enjoyed being able to talk with them on the phone or computer.  By utilizing Skype and FaceTime, Zachary was able to “see” everyone more often.  And of course–with the new addition, Dalton was able to get to know my parents well by video!

It is so neat to see how well Dalton responds to my mom on the phone.  It’s noticeable that he knows who my mom is when she is here!  When he started crawling, my parents watched him on the computer.  When he started “toddling” around, they watched him toddle to the computer.  My sister and nephews are on the go a lot with sports and activities, so we do not get to video chat a lot.  However, they have gotten to enjoy the videos online or through text messaging.

My final take–not only is video chatting fun for the kids and helps us “see” each other.  It is a great way for my sweet babies to get to know and remember their family.  They use FaceTime or Skype at least once a week!

Do you use video chatting with your family that is not close by?


Happy Birthday, Dalton!

Today, our sweet, baby turned 1!  It’s a bittersweet moment for all mommies!  Their babies are no longer “babies” but have now entered the “toddler” stage.  I have truly enjoyed every moment of watching our sweet boy grow up!

daltonmommyDalton Nathaniel Robinson (8 lbs, 9 oz)

 dalton(4months) Dalton at 4-months old.

Bost-17-2402336772-O[1]And now….1-year old and 25 lbs!!

Our sweet boy has learned a lot in the last year.

  • Walking at 9- months
  • Favorite word “This”
  • Other words:  mama, dada, siss (for sissy), catch, and bath (These are the only words we can make out)
  • LOVES a shower!
  • Eats all the time
  • Chases his the others around the house….everywhere!
  • Loves dancing to the Veggie Tales Theme song
  • Has 5 teeth
  • Enjoys stacking blocks…..just to knock them down!
  • And is such a mama’s boy!

While I am excited to see him grow and develop, I already miss the baby stage!  I truly enjoy this age and watching him learn.  It’s even more exciting as he learns from Zachary and Lenna-Grace.  He picks up everything they do!  However, I look at him and just wonder “Where did my tiny boy go?”



Blogging Again….

You read it right….I’m going to try to blog AGAIN!  I really enjoy blogging/writing when I get the chance; however, as a family of six, it can be difficult to find time to sit and write.   So what made me start again?  A few things.

  1. I withdrew from my PhD program.  I am at the dissertation stage and felt it was just overwhelming to focus on it and take care of my family and home with my kids being so young.  This allows me to have more time to myself when the kids are not awake.
  2. I recently read a blog post by a friend from high school who attended a conference.  She encouraged me to do things that fire me up!  In other words, I needed to make time to do things I enjoy and excite me.  As I do this, I would like to share more with my friends and family!
  3. I no longer have an infant….therefore, I am able to find time here and there to write.
  4. If I write it, I do better with following through!
  5. I began a new journey with Shaklee, an all-natural company, and would love to share more with family and friends.
  6. A few of the blogs I follow (and some photography friends I have discovered) do Project 52.  They pick their own theme for the year and every Friday post a picture to go along with the theme.  It’s almost April, so I cannot quite start at the beginning, but this is something I would enjoy so I may join in!

It’s been since May of last year (almost 11 months) since I lasted posted and I decided to use web hosting instead of wordpress.com. I look foward to blogging and sharing more with my friends and family!