FaceTime and Skype

Technology is amazing, isn’t it?  When John and I moved to North Carolina away from my parents and sister’s family (in West Virgina at the time), Lenna-Grace was only 9-months old.  My parents and I started using Skype so Lenna-Grace could still see them.  It was great!

Here is one of our first conversations with Grammie and Papa on the computer via Skype.

It was great to watch her recognize them!  While the family moved closer later on, John and I moved to Florida later.  This past year we have been away from both our families.  However, we have had the great joy of continuing to video chat.  It has been great.

When we moved, Lenna-Grace knew everyone well and understood she could not see them whenever and “missed” them.  She enjoyed being able to talk with them on the phone or computer.  By utilizing Skype and FaceTime, Zachary was able to “see” everyone more often.  And of course–with the new addition, Dalton was able to get to know my parents well by video!

It is so neat to see how well Dalton responds to my mom on the phone.  It’s noticeable that he knows who my mom is when she is here!  When he started crawling, my parents watched him on the computer.  When he started “toddling” around, they watched him toddle to the computer.  My sister and nephews are on the go a lot with sports and activities, so we do not get to video chat a lot.  However, they have gotten to enjoy the videos online or through text messaging.

My final take–not only is video chatting fun for the kids and helps us “see” each other.  It is a great way for my sweet babies to get to know and remember their family.  They use FaceTime or Skype at least once a week!

Do you use video chatting with your family that is not close by?


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