Happy Birthday, Dalton!

Today, our sweet, baby turned 1!  It’s a bittersweet moment for all mommies!  Their babies are no longer “babies” but have now entered the “toddler” stage.  I have truly enjoyed every moment of watching our sweet boy grow up!

daltonmommyDalton Nathaniel Robinson (8 lbs, 9 oz)

 dalton(4months) Dalton at 4-months old.

Bost-17-2402336772-O[1]And now….1-year old and 25 lbs!!

Our sweet boy has learned a lot in the last year.

  • Walking at 9- months
  • Favorite word “This”
  • Other words:  mama, dada, siss (for sissy), catch, and bath (These are the only words we can make out)
  • LOVES a shower!
  • Eats all the time
  • Chases his the others around the house….everywhere!
  • Loves dancing to the Veggie Tales Theme song
  • Has 5 teeth
  • Enjoys stacking blocks…..just to knock them down!
  • And is such a mama’s boy!

While I am excited to see him grow and develop, I already miss the baby stage!  I truly enjoy this age and watching him learn.  It’s even more exciting as he learns from Zachary and Lenna-Grace.  He picks up everything they do!  However, I look at him and just wonder “Where did my tiny boy go?”



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