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As many of you already know, I joined a wonderful team of moms in selling Shaklee Products. You do not have to be a mom to sell Shaklee products; however, the team I work with are all moms:) While earning a little extra money for the family is nice, that was not my main reason for joining Shaklee as distributor. So why did I join?

  1. I love their cleaning products! They are safe, effective, and help make my family healthier by getting rid of all the toxins and chemicals used in other products. My 1-, 2-, and almost 4-year old can help me clean any part of my house using Shaklee products. There is no chemicals to hurt them if the try to drink it or squirt each other in the face. In fact, Zachary sprayed Dalton in the face (he was only about 2-months old) with Basic H All-Purpose cleaner and NOTHING! No red eyes, no irritation, nothing! My children to love to “clean their toys” and it’s OK! AND….there are no odors to bother their little noses!
  2. Their vitamins and supplements are amazing! They are all natural and work! I have my own “story” to tell in another post about how wonderful their probiotics are!
  3. It’s something I need. I have a lot of friends who sell products (Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, 31, etc.) I love many of these products and I have honestly debated joining one. Why haven’t I? I know I would buy more in products that I do not need. I am glad I can support some of my friends with their home businesses and purchase these products as I need them. However, I do not want to feel obligated to buy them because I sell them. With Shaklee, I use their products daily; therefore, it’s a good investment for me.
  4. Creating Healthier Homes. Jamie use to throw up once or twice a day. We thought it was gag reflexes, but he was always a lot better while on Zyrtec. I did not realize that our cleaning products were possily inducing his allergies. In fact, I did not even consider that Shaklee Cleaning products took away this issue until recently when I reflected on when I quit giving him Zyrtec. Without a doubt, I know his allergies were induced by products I used in our home. Lenna-Grace is also off all her allergy and asthma medication. All our childrn are healthier since placing them on vitamins and supplements from Shaklee.
  5. Natural Remedies. I will definitely do a post on what Shaklee products I use for my health and why. However, for now, let me simply share that it is great to not have to use prescriptions that could be harmful to me, my breastfed baby, or any future pregnanies. I use Shaklee supplements to help with postpardum depression, IBS, and headaches.
  6. No Hosting Parties—This is just not me. I may have a “Get Clean” Party soon to share with other mommies about the products, but overall, I do not want to have to “throw” parties.
  7. Products are a little lower in cost. So I am trying to be honest here. It is a plus that in selling the products, my products are little less. If I am going to use the products regularly, why not get them a little cheaper?
  8. Sharing is my marketing tool. It is easy to share with others a great product that you use regularly. And if I can share with others and get paid a small commission, why not? It is simply referring people to a company that I have started to really love!
  9. No Quotas. I have four children, three under 4 currently! I may not have the time or energy to put into a home business. Many companies require you to sell XX amount of products or dollars in order to remain a distributor/seller or to get the discount. I do not want to feel pressured to sell products. With Shaklee, I do not have to. And I do not feel my director would ever pressure me either.
  10. It’s Simple. When I discussed with John and about joining, I did not feel overwhelmed with details. It seemed so simple to me. We use the products. The products help our family. All I need to do is share. If others are interested, great. If not, it’s no biggie to me! Simple!

Well, there you have it! My reasons for becoming a Shaklee Distributor. However, I really do not like the term distributor. It sounds so strange. When I was ordering some products, I told John I had to ask my distributor what would be best. Of course, John’s reply was “Distributor? She’s like your drug dealer?” LOL. Yep, you know my hubby:)

If you are interested in any of the products I use, be sure to visit the Shaklee page. I will be posting more on the products and how we use them. I will also be doing a giveaway!!

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  1. Hi my name is Mary Murray, I am also a born again christian. I have been considering selling to supplement the house cleaning and caregiving services I already provide. I have considered Mary kay, but Shaklee seems more believable. I like Mary kay, but the products are pricy. What is the pay structure in Shaklee like? How do you market the products, besides just friends and family?

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