Kicking Off Our First Year!

I am super excited because August is here!  I guess technically we could have started our school year whenever we wanted; however, since Jamie goes to public school, it seemed best to tie our schedule with his.

Tomorrow is our Meet the Tutor event for Classical Conversations.  This is our first year homeschooling and we decided to join a CC community.  I was not really sure about it.  I thought it may be too early, but Lenna-Grace really wants to learn and go to school.  Going to CC once a week will be something she really enjoys.  Plus, you can never start to early with memory work I am sure!  I am also the tutor for her class.  I am very excited to be learning with her and working with the families in our class.  This will be an adventure for us both!

We are beginning our official “First Day” of school on August 19.  I plan on doing school work with Lenna-Grace at least three times a week (Monday, Thursday, and Friday).  Wednesday will be our CC days and Tuesdays I have Women’s Bible study at the church in the morning, so they will do childcare there.  The goal is to really work at her pace, but also teach her some discipline when it comes to education and learning already.  We may work for two hours straight through or we may do a couple of 30 minute intervals.

Why Start Now?

I know many homeschool families do not begin formal education at 4-years old.  I definitely do not think it is necessary.  However, Lenna-Grace is eager to learn.  Tonight while we were just sitting on the couch she brought me a book and wanted to work on “learning to read.”  Before I knew it, she was reading a sentence with little help.  She is ready to learn, wants to learn, and definitely able to learn.

What Are We Doing?

Lenna-Grace will be doing Classical Conversations (another post later) for memory work, phonics, handwriting, Catechism, Bible time, math, and then for any science and history we will be reading literature-based books together.

Zachary will be doing Letter of the Week for Pre-Reading skills, introductory handwriting concepts, and will do Bible and Catechism with us as well.

Dalton will be just enjoying whatever he can get into in the school room while we learn!  Probably throwing toys–his new favorite thing!

Why Is Jamie In Public School?

This is a great question everyone asks!  Jamie has been in public for years now!  Our goal is to homeschool him as well.  When we moved to Florida last March, he was homeschooled for about four months.  Jamie struggles with having all the little ones around while trying to work.  The noise and distractions really get to him.  And John is correct that it puts more of a strain on our relationship (mine and Jamie’s) than it did help him educationally.  However, we have been discussing homeschooling him next year when he begins high school.  I have been looking into various curriculums and options that would allow him to learn independently through reading (He is an AMAZING reader).  However, his teacher (who works with those with physical impairments) has spoken to me a lot about the local high school’s program for students similar to Jamie–where they work on more life skills and community involvement.  In fact, in 11th grade, they place in them (and take them and watch them) at a local business to learn job skills (like TJ Maxx, Public, etc).  Therefore, this is something we really have to discuss to see what is best for Jamie.

2 thoughts on “Kicking Off Our First Year!

  1. I have a friend who’s daughters used for high school. (I do not think it is state specific. We have it here, but she is in Texas.) :)

    Also, NC has a Virtual Public High School. You guys may have that down there too.

    • We have Florida Virtual School here that’s free for Florida students. I’m not sure I’d use it because it’s essentially public school at home. Does that make sense? Part of homeschooling, for us, is to get away from the public school system’s way of doing it.

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