My baby is FOUR!!

Happy Birthday, Lenna-Grace Caroline Robinson!!

Today, our sweet baby girl celebrates her 4th birthday.   She has grown so much into such a beautiful little girl.  She is very caring and takes great care of others.  She received her birthday card in the mail from Nanny (her great grandmother) and it had $5 in it.  I asked what she wanted to buy and her reply, “I want to find Bubba a music box with a car on it.”  How sweet and thoughtful!  Being the only girl in the family, she holds a very special place with everyone!

She is a bright girl who loves to play outside, dance, sing, learn, and teach her little brothers anything!  She enjoys our “school time” and loves going to church.  She has learned a lot over the past year, but what brings the most joy is hearing her “childlike faith!”  Zachary was upset yesterday because he could not find a toy.  Lenna-Grace replies, “Don’t worry Bubba, just ask God for help.  He can help with anything.”  Or when I was sick and she laid beside me, rubbing my head and said “Mommy, I will pray God makes you better!”

Look at how she’s grown! lennahospitalApril 8, 2009 (8 lbs, 9 oz)

lenna`Happy 1st Birthday!


Being Silly!  18-months old


Learning to potty with Minnie Mouse (20-months old)

lenna2Happy 2nd Birthday!


Happy 3rd Birthday!

   lenna4Happy 4th Birthday!  Look at how much she’s changed!!

And to make her day even more special, she shares this day with her favorite Uncle Dodo!!

dodolennaHappy 35th Birthday DODO!! (that’s pronounced Dough-dough)


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